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Flat-Rate Service Policy

Avionics Innovations offers factory repair on the models listed below.  The flat-rate repair charge includes parts and labor, but does not include shipping.

Note:  Repairs have a 90 day warranty.  If the unit sent in is still under its original warranty, then the new warranty is 90 days or to the end of the original one year warranty, whichever is longer.

  • Prices include complete factory repair to required specifications.
  • Service Policy and Flat Repair Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Rates are shown in U.S. Dollars and apply to service in the United States only.
  • For models that show “Call”, please call our Repair Department. These units will have a minimum service charge of $125.00 and may not be repairable.
  • Avionics Innovations reserves the right to make changes or improvements in its products from time to time without incurring the obligation to install such improvements or changes on equipment or units previously manufactured.


To Obtain Service

Call or e-mail Avionics Innovations' Repair Department to describe the problem you are experiencing, and request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.  Additional information to include the unit serial number will be required when you contact us.

A $125.00 fee will be assessed, pass or fail, if an FAA Form 8130 Airworthiness Tag is being requested.  If the unit fails the Acceptance Test, the $125.00 fee will be applied to the Flat Rate costs if the customer desires the unit to be repaired.

Avionics Innovations - Repair Department

Phone: 760-788-2602
Office Hours: M - F:  7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific time
Email: purchasing@avionicsinnovations.com
Model   Part # Rate *
ICE DVD/CD Player   AV5008-00 $540
ICE-SSR-R Remote Satellite Radio   SSR30-00 $385
ICE-PCU Passenger Control Unit                           PCU20-00  $250
ICE-VA Video Amplifier   AV2016-00 $250
DMP 100 MP3 Player   10000 $430
DMP 200 MP3 Player   20000 $430
DMP 300 MP3 Player   10000-10 $430
DMP 400 PRAM   40000 $450
AI Audio Amplifier  28V   17001-28V $215
AICD III AM/FM/CD Player  (US)   14001-40 Call
8 CD Changer   11008 Call
AI-A/V Audio/Video Switcher   AV2008 $425
Switcher Seat Station   AV2009 $250
AI-10 FPD 10” Flat Panel Display   AV2011 Call
AI-12 FPD 12” Flat Panel Display   AV2012 Call
AM/FM/CD Receiver   14001-20 Call
AM/FM/CD Receiver   14001-31 Call
AM/FM/CD Receiver   14001-32 Call
AICD III AM/FM/CD Player  (EU)   14001-41 Call
AI 8 DCU   11001 Call
AI Audio Amplifier  14V   17001-14V Call
AM/FM/CD Receiver   14001-00 Call
AM/FM/CD Receiver   14001-30 Call
AM/FM/CD Receiver   14001-35 Call
AI-AM/FM Receiver   15001-00 Call
DVD Player   AV2006 Call
DVD/8 Disc   AV2007 Call
Flat Panel Display 6”   AV2010 Call
AI-6 FPD 6" Flat Panel Display   AV2010 Call
AI-SSR   SSR019 Call
* Flat rate cost includes parts and labor under normal usage conditions.        
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