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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Avionics Innovations units legal for IFR?
  All Avionics Innovations products are FAA-PMA approved. This means that they have met the quality and production standards set by the FAA. Installation approval for a specific aircraft is accomplished via Field Approval of an FAA Form 337. The individual FAA inspector may impose any operational limitations they see fit; however, our experience has been that none have imposed a "VFR-only" limitation. In some cases, there has been a requirement that the intercom system have an "auto-mute" feature to mute the music input when the aircraft radio is active.
Are there any flight restrictions?
  In general, no. See above.
Will my local FAA inspector sign them off?
  Avionics Innovations products have been installed all around the country. Inspectors from most FSDOs have already approved installations. Please contact us with any questions about specific approvals.
Can I install one myself?
  The installation must be reported on a Form 337 and presented to a FSDO inspector for Field Approval. The 337 must be signed by a certificated person. The actual labor and installation may be delegated by this person. In other words, your mechanic or avionics shop may allow you to do the installation, but they are still responsible for supervising the work and attesting to the quality of the installation.
Are there any unusual modifications needed to my aircraft?
  Our rack-mount units come with an installation tray for mounting in a standard 6.25" radio rack. Depending on your panel configuration, you might have to move existing avionics around to make room. The 6 and 12-disc changers should be mounted someplace fairly accessible, such as under a rear seat or in a baggage compartment. The AI-AM/FM and AI-CD II products both require installation of an external antenna for AM and FM signal reception. We recommend the Comant Industries CI222. The antenna may be installed in any convenient place, on either the top or the bottom of the aircraft.
Which brands of intercoms are your products compatible with?
  The outputs of the Avionics Innovations products are standard headphone-level audio outputs and are compatible with all intercoms and audio panels. While we recommend a stereo intercom for maximum enjoyment, the left and right channels may be combined at installation to accommodate a standard mono intercom.
Where can I buy Avionics Innovations products?
  Your local avionics professional can quote an installation of any AI product. Please see our dealer directory to find an AI dealer near you.
What's the lead time?
  Typically, all Avionics Innovations products are in stock.
How long is the warranty?
  All Avionics Innovations products carry a full one-year warranty. This warranty covers the equipment only and does not extend to labor charges for removal, troubleshooting or reinstallation.
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